Treadmill Buyers Guide

Are you spending time at the gym pounding the treadmill hour after hour? Then maybe it’s time you considered investing in a treadmill you can use at home. Because by doing this you can save so much time by not traveling back and forth to the gym, avoiding what we all find from time to time that when we get there , there is no machine available to use.

Adding Value To Your Life.

Providing you don’t look towards purchasing an absolute top of the range treadmill, payback for your investment can be achieved in a few years, or if you accelerate your workout time even quicker. There are also a number of other reasons a home treadmill can add real value, one benefit is  that you can workout comfortably in your own surroundings, avoiding any issues or insecurities you may have about working out at the gym, whether that be the way you feel about how you look or just generally training in front of others.

More Benefits To Time Management

Daily Time management can also be improved , no need to watch tireless boring tv simply because there is nothing else to do. Put that time to good use  to do a decent 20-30 minute cardio workout, or mark off today’s or tomorrow’s workout during this period, but instead of heading off to the gym tonight or tomorrow morning use that time to have extra social time with your partner or the kids or friends.

Calorie Burning.

Running is the best exercise for burning calories without question. Introduce specific workouts built for that purpose into your schedule, and you will shed those pounds in no time. For example High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT) and basic interval training are both great for calorie burning.

Want to lose fat and make your heart healthier, feel more efficient in movement , gain endurance, but not quite sure how to achieve it. There really is no better experience than walking, jogging or running to get you feeling both fit and good about yourself. There is no doubt that running or jogging outside can have great benefits fresh air, nice environments, people, good weather, but for some running outdoors just doesn’t work distractions such as traffic, lack of space , poor neighbourhood environment etc.

You can step up your workouts to accommodate a cardio routine that includes walking, jogging, running and sprinting. Developing a combo such as this will improve weight loss, heart health, muscle gain, and overall endurance.

Treadmill Types.

There are manual treadmills and motorised treadmills.

A Manual Treadmill is driven by your movement driving a belt assembly, the more you pace up the faster the belt turns with you, which means the machine will only go as fast as you do, but slow done your pace and the track slows with you. Because they are less expensive than motorised treadmills they do not have the feature bells and whistles that motorised treadmills do. These are not the machines that you use at the gym, so bear this in mind whilst looking around.

Motorised Treadmill.

Motorised treadmills are much more in demand than Manual. That said they can be large in size and heavily built with robustness in mind, to withstand the various experiences that training programmes provide variable terrains, inclines, and speeds etc. So extra investment is required in buying a motorised machine, but the user does gain full control with the motorised machines, self targets can be set at the click of a button, and the high tech features which are always welcomed to add variation and challenge to any workout.

Speed Jargon.

Treadmill manufacturers talk in value of CHP or HP motor speed. Knowing this is important to obtain the correct powered machine for your workout goals.

A Good Reference Guide Is:

2.0 CHP  – Minimum Motor Power For Walking

2.50 CHP – Minimum Motor Power For Jogging

3.0 CHP  – Minimum Motor Power For Running

Deck Sizes

A larger running deck is required if you intend to run on your Treadmill, as the stride you achieve when running is much longer then when walking.

If you are a walker, and don’t see yourself doing anything more than this, then a smaller one would be more suitable and save some expense on purchase.

A Good Guide Is:

55” long and 20” wide or more – Ideal Size For Comfort

50” long and 18” wide (125 x 45cm) – Ideal Size For Running

47” long and 16” wide (120 x 40cm) – Ideal Size For Jogging

43” long and 14” wide (110 x 35cm) – Ideal Size For Walking

Treadmills are ideal for completing these workouts , as these exercise programmes tend to raise the heart rate quickly, helping the body use more oxygen which in turn burns more calories than a standard normal workout.

Programs & Features

Pretty much all Treadmills have built in programs. However you do need something that is smart and clever enough to help you achieve your objectives / goals. When programs are developed they are normally developed for a specific niche ie: cardio, weight loss, climbing etc.

When buying look out for for features that will enhance the workout experience such as health metrics display, heart rate monitoring, IPod / MP3 compatability sound system, good shock absorbion, wifi, usb ports, and blue tooth connectivity.

Computer Features.

Computer programmed workouts are in the main designed by personal trainers. Some Treadmills will connect to the maufacturers own website or to other fitness apps, benefits of these can include downloads that allow them to build an exercise data plan tracking your improvements.

Heartrate Monitors.

There are a few applications to monitor heartrate on a treadmill. Thumb Sensors, Contact Sensors on the grips, and Chest Straps. Chest straps are deemed to be the most convenient and accurate giving you more flexibility in your workout.

Cardio Workout.

As we know HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) improves metabolism and fat burning getting the heart rate going for that real intense workout, building stamina and endurance.

Joint Impact Advantages.

Those who run regularly will no doubt endure injury or lower joint pain, impacted by running on tarmac , paved or concrete surfaces. Treadmills are built to reduce and eliviate a lot of the impact to our joints, which are sustained when running on these surfaces.


As with most things in life, it is important you get a good quality Treadmill for your money. Your intention will be to use your machine a lot and need something that is both robust and has quality components. Things to consider are the size of the motor, most are within 2.0 – 4.0 (CHP). The bigger the motor in power delivery, the more powerful the treadmill. Belt quality is also of importance. So check what’s applied to the treadmill, is the belt single or double ply. The stronger it is the longer it will last.

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