Can’t Lose Weight.

Why are we overweight?

Science suggests that when we eat food we choose to it converts into energy .

How it converts to energy falls into 3 categories Fuel, Waste and storage.

Explaining this , our daily daily bodily functions empower our organs , which help us to keep stability through maintaining body temperature etc, this is what is called the Fuel.

Waste is what the body segregates from this energy and cleanses through our waste channels of the bowel and bladder.

Storage is what occurs when energy is stored as fat.

When we are overweight , we tend to consume too much energy every day, as the body acts as a self-regulator , not all this energy is needed , and is therefore banked within the body as fat pretty much consistently , not adding any value to any weight loss intentions we may have.

So where do we start you might ask ? The answer  in thought is we need to consume fever calories in our everyday intake Simple isn’t it. Not so as without the right plan consuming fewer calories will produce no more than only short term temporary gain , as it will be neither enjoyable or consistent.

If weight loss is our ultimate goal then we need to tackle it with a long-term achievable plan, as said before temporary changes produce very little else than temporary results, as our bodies by design are wanting to cling on to the extra body fat we have stored, making it near damn impossible to achieve weight loss without the right workable plan.

Calorie Confirmation

If you are consistently consuming less than 2000 calories per day , and still find you’re not seeing the result in losing weight . Re-check your daily calorie amounts again , and if needs be ask a partner or family member  , someone who can re-check your amounts are correct , verifying that you’re not consuming more than what you think you are.

Calorie Counting

Should you be sure that you are eating less than 2000 calories daily and your still not achieving   the weight loss, you could be up against what is known as Stubborn Fat , or your last few pounds to lose to achieve your target objective. At this point a re-think on calorie intake should be considered , and by lowering your daily calorie intake by 250 calories should in time if repeated consistently achieve that weight loss.